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This page was last updated: January 2, 2015
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Welcome to our Grant Application Page

In order for you to successfully access our grant application and questionnaire forms, please follow the instructions below. Thank you.
Step 1: Watch our 7 Minute Informational Video Below.
Step 2: Before you do anything else...Read the Corporate Rules!
Click here to open page.
Step 3: Complete the Questionnaire and Grant Application Forms.
Please note that Free Gas USA, Inc. has made some changes to our grant application procedures. Starting August 1, 2010, gasoline grant candidates will no longer be required to submit confidential information such as income tax returns, etc., when applying for a gas grant. You are now required to have your Pastor, Case Manager or Social Worker verify your income status, proof of insurance and vehicle ownership before submitting your application. In the Referral Letter, your Pastor, Case Manager or Social Worker must state that they have reviewed the information provided, and support the submittal of your application.

Applications received without a Referral Letter will automatically be disqualified.

Remember, this gasoline grant program is established to help individuals and families that live at or below the poverty level. If you do not meet the federal governments guidelines to be classified as "poverty-stricken", don't waste our time, or yours, by submitting a grant application. It will not be processed.  

Click here to view the federal income requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a Referral Agency?

Answer: Any state or federally recognized human service agency that is charged with providing resources to low-income individuals and families. Examples of a Referral Agency include: Area Agencies on Aging, Community Action Agency, Hospital, State Welfare Organization, United Way Member Agency or Church.

Question: What if an agency refuses to give me a referral?

Answer: Try contacting another human service provider. Your local 211 Call Center is no longer recognized by Free Gas USA, Inc. as an official referral agency, because they only provide contact information to organizations that provide human resources. Remember, your application will be automatically disqualified without a referral letter.

Question: What documents should I include when mailing my completed gasoline grant application?

Answer: Submit ONLY the following documents:

(United States Postal Service Money Order Only!)

That's it.  

Good Luck!
Read These Instructions Thoroughly Before Completing the Questionnaire and Grant Application.
Gasoline Grant Application Form
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