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This page was designed to better assist you when reviewing and/or processing your client(s) gasoline grant application.

Please note that Free Gas USA, Inc. has made some changes to our grant application procedures. Starting August 1, 2010, gasoline grant candidates will no longer be required to submit confidential information such as income tax returns, other proof of income, etc., when applying for a gas grant. You are now required to verify their income status, proof of insurance and vehicle ownership before their application is submitted. A Referral Letter --submitted on official agency letterhead-- must state that you have thoroughly reviewed the application and other pertinent information provided, and support the submittal of  the client's grant application.

Applications received without a Referral Letter will automatically be disqualified.

Remember, Free Gas USA's gasoline grant program is created to help individuals and families living at or below the poverty level secure gasoline to address their daily transportation needs. If your client does not meet the federal governments income guidelines to be classified as "poverty-stricken", don't waste our time, or yours, by submitting a grant application. It will not be processed. 

Click here to view the Federal Poverty Income Generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a Referral Agency?

Answer: Any state or federally licensed human service agency that is charged with providing resources to low-income individuals and families. Examples of a Referral Agency include: Area Agencies on Aging, Community Action Agency, Hospital, State Welfare Organization, United Way Member Agency or Church.

Question: I represent a church or human service organization. What do I/we need to look for before writing a referral letter?

Answer: You must verify that the client is poverty-stricken. Please make sure that their application is complete; review their most recent Federal Income Tax Return; Proof of Vehicle Ownership; and Proof of Insurance.

Question: What if the client doesn't have a recent tax return?

Answer: We recognize that some Senior Citizens, Veterans and Disabled persons receive some form of government assistance, and are not required to file an income tax return. Therefore, said individual(s) must produce proof of their previous year's check stubs or provide a Form 1099 statement to verify annual income.

Question: My client just lost his/her job but their previous year's income is above the poverty limit. Will they still qualify for this program?

Answer: No. We only appropriate grants to individuals who can demonstrate that they are "poverty-stricken". Job loss doesn't always equate to poverty, because the individual may qualify for unemployment benefits, or have access to a second source of income. Social Workers attempting to submit applications under fraudulent pretenses will be barred from submitting future referrals.

Question: Can I submit an application on behalf of my client(s).

Answer: Yes. Your assistance to better assist your client(s) in securing a gasoline grant is welcomed and encouraged.

Question: Can I submit more than one application if I have multiple qualified applicants.

Answer: Yes! Just make sure that you don't abuse our Corporate Rules in the process. We would hate to disqualify your agency from submitting applications in the future.


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This page was last updated: March 26, 2011
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