Q. Who qualifies for the grant program?

A. Only individuals and families that meet Income Limits established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Q. How do I/we apply for a gasoline grant?

A. You must complete the Questionnaire to determine if you qualify for the program. If you answer NO to questions 1,2,5,6 and 15, we're sorry, but you are not eligible to apply for a gasoline grant.

Q. Question #15 is somewhat confusing. What if I am not single? How do I respond?

A. Your response is "N/A" for "Not Applicable".

Q. If I/we answer YES to all qualifying questions, what do I/we do next?

A. Complete the Application and submit it to our office for processing. Don't forget to include all supporting documents and an agency referral letter.

Q. Why do I/we need a Referral Letter?

A. Our organization processes thousands of applications. Many of them are from unqualified candidates. The referral helps to verify your eligibility. Only a COVER LETTER is required from the Human Service Agency or Church to indicate their support of your application.

Q. How/When will I know if I have received a Gasoline Grant?

A.  Because our organization is a national charity, and due to the high volume of grant applications received, only grant  recipients will be notified of our gasoline grant award.

NOTE: Making annoying phone calls to check on your grant status will automatically disqualify an applicant from the program.

Q. How can I help Free Gas USA, Inc. ?

A. There are several ways to help us help the needy. You can make a direct donation online via PayPal; Print off the Brochure and mail your donation to us; or Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky residents can sign up for the Meijer Community Rewards program, where a portion of your grocery or gasoline purchases will be donated to us from Meijer every month. The more you shop, the more we earn to distribute gasoline grants.

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